The Age of Living Dangerously: A new documentary.

Sponsorship is available for companies and individuals with a desire to build East Timor’s film and television industry.

By sponsoring this film you will contribute to the birth of a film industry in East Timor. Sponsorship will ensure that a greater proportion of the film’s profits return to East Timor, as fewer investors will be required. These funds will be paid to Dili Film Works and will be used to finance infrastructure, development, post production and training.

Sponsorship may be in-kind support of the film.

All sponsors will be acknowledged in the film’s credits as well as on this website.

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FairTrade Films would like to thank the following sponsors of Beatriz’s War:


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We would like to thank those that have made a significant contribution to the film:

Glenn Scott

Sisters of Mercy, Ballarat

Angie Muccillo

Peter Wild

Leonni Norrington

Kathryn Hughes

Natalia Cikorska & Arlo Enemark

James Laidler & Clare Batten

Debbie Maynard

eSilva Car Rental & Limpeno

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Kim McGrath, Wendy Chandler, Barbara Samuels, Di and Jamie Cunningham, Andrew Myer, Marie Claire Sweeney, Helen Hill, Jane Touzeau, Mac Gudgeon, Jennifer Torr, Keryn Clark, Matt Calpakdjian, Anthony Heynen, Gabriele Bammer, Alex Fletcher, Steven Rushworth, Melissa Preston, Michael Smith, Marlene Izod, Gabi Gansser, Nadia & Ian McMillan, Leonie Norrington, Sister Veronica Lawson, Lucy M Izod, Franco di Chiera, Fernando Lay, Sister Anne Forbes, Mr W.M. Flynn, METAC, Loja Boa Ventura, John Hughes, Startec, Timor Gas, Robyn & Chris Calpakdjian, Nautilus Restaurant, Free Flow Diving, Sawasdee, Canberra Friends of Dili, Katrina Langford, Chris Payne, Bruno Kahn, Robin Laurie, Bruce Butler, Bronwyn McNamee, Robert Kearney, Toby Carroll, Greg and Anne Loney, Jo Snow, Janet Trezise, Kerry Robinson, Nancy Price, Howard Dossor, Friends of Manatuto, Michelle Whalen, Cathy & Martin Leach, Greg Fergin, Elke E Graham, Megan McMurchy, Rachael Carter, Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, Matthew Willis, Friends of Laleia, Geraldine Zwack, Luke Keighery, John Hughes, Widya Sutiyo, Paul Bridges, Jelena Wright-Brown, Carol Sakey, Dominic & Beth Elson, David McDonald, Donna Fitton, Tommy Pollak, Frederic Scott, Yvonne Langley-Walsh, Chris Payne, Robert Wesley-Smith, Martin Wesley-Smith, Tammy Burnstock, Desmond Whyms