Rosa’s Journey

Rosa’s Journey

52 Minutes

The journey of independent East Timor through the eyes of a remarkable and resilient woman.

Following the acclaimed documentary East Timor – Birth of a Nation, Rosa’s Journey picks up the story of young East Timorese widow Rosa Martins and her family seven years after independence. Unlike the celebratory climate of 2000, life in East Timor is violent and democracy fragile, as one of the world’s youngest nations faces an uncertain future.

The years following nationhood have been hard for Rosa and her country. Freedom has not translated into calm and prosperity. Every aspect of Rosa’s life is informed by East Timor’s continuing struggle for stability and unity.
The documentary starts in 2006 when violence breaks out in East Timor. Rosa and thousands of others are forced to flee to refugee camps. Australian and other international troops are sent to restore peace. The story continues in 2007 as the country conducts its first elections as an independent nation. It ends with the shooting of President Jose Ramos Horta.

Rosa is determined to give her children the education and opportunities denied to her by war and poverty. Against the odds, she maintains hope for the peace of her country.






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