Slave Girl (In Development)

Feature Film

Slave Girl is set in the bleak, savage underworld of Australia’s flourishing slave trade. It is a hard edged film that shines like a diamond: brilliant and clear and precious.

Slave Girl is a collaboration between FairTrade Films and Jetsaporn Chaladlone, known by her Thai nickname Ning. Ning is the subject of the documentary Trafficked and its sequel, The Reckoning. Luigi Acquisto has worked with Ning to write a thriller that explores slavery in modern Australia and is partly based on her own life story.


Ning, a young Thai girl arrives in Australia believing that she will work as a Nanny. She is shocked when she is taken to a rundown hotel and auctioned to the highest bidder, a man called Gange.

Gange, puts Ning to work as a prostitute, unmoved by her youth. She is only thirteen. Ning escapes with the assistance of Red, a hardened criminal who works in the brothel as an enforcer and has had a violent falling out with Gange. The two hit the road as Red returns to the derelict farm where he grew up. Red’s wife died a year earlier and his sister has been reluctantly looking after his young son and daughter.

Red, tired of his dissolute, criminal life decides to kick his heroin habit and give his kids a better life. Ning looks after his children as Red goes cold turkey. He then finds work as a shearer and life for the strange family is peaceful and idyllic until Gange discovers their hideout. Gange is determined to recover his investment, Ning is worth $50,000, and to cruelly punish Red for his betrayal.

Gange sends two of his men to the farm. Red is at work and is unable to protect his family. Ning and Red’s young daughter escape but his four year old son is taken.

Red, no stranger to violence, sets out to rescue his son and returns to confront the world he had abandoned. He takes Ning with him, and the film builds to a savage, unpredictable ending.


Slave Girl is in development.