The Shearers

The Shearers

4 x 26 Minute Episodes

The Shearers is a lively, funny and intimate observational documentary series about a group of young men and women trying to break into one of the toughest physical jobs in the world. Each year in Tasmania twelve students participate in a gruelling and competitive shearing school. At the end of the first two weeks, five will be asked to stay on for another week of intensive training. Of those, only two will be chosen to work in a fully professional shed in the final week of the course.

Focusing on two of the students and one instructor, The Shearers provides a close up, no holds barred insight into the intense physical and psychological pressures of this iconic Australian profession. In a rural area with limited opportunities, it’s a backbreaking fast track to a new career. But it’s hard on the body and even harder on the sheep.

Who will survive the first cull? Can the girls’ technique beat the guys’ muscle-power? And which of the learners will hold their own with the professionals?



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