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    “Balibo” Screening at the Platinum Cineplex in Dili

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    November Newsletter

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    Just one story from the bloodsoaked birth of free timor

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    Filming of “A Guerra da Beatriz” Completed

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    Film Screenings in Dili

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    January 2012 Newsletter

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    James Laidler: Novelist, Poet & Teacher

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    “A Guerra da Beatriz” on the radio

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    “A Guerra da Beatriz” in the News

About Us

 FairTrade Films was formed by Luigi Acquisto and Stella Zammataro in 2010. They are based in Melbourne, Australia, have worked in the film and television industry for over twenty years, and have produced many films that deal with groundbreaking social and political issues. FairTrade Films has two feature films in development: A Guerra Da Beatriz and Slave Girl. The recently completed documentary, Trafficked: The Reckoning, was broadcast on SBS Television on September 20th 2011. The company has also worked with ...

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Filming and picture editing is complete for A Guerra da Beatriz. We are now raising funds for the final stages of post production – the sound mix, picture grade, visual effects and ‘prints’ to show at film festivals around the world. So help us make history and support Timor Leste’s first feature film.

Visit our fundraising page HERE.