The Stolen Child

THE STOLEN CHILD (A CRIANÇA ROUBADA) is a powerful, moving, and untold story that follows one of Timor-Leste’s stolen generation, ‘José ’ Abdul Rahman who was taken by the Indonesian military in 1979 when he was nine-years-old.

This film tracks José ’s return to Timor Leste from Indonesia, with his wife and three young daughters, after thirty-eight years. José ’s Timorese family believed that the he had died and held a traditional ceremony that released his spirit. He is seen as a ghost who cannot take part in the human world.
José is returning to Timor to go through another ceremony to make him whole again, alive again. José is now a Muslim, as are his wife and three daughters. The film is a powerful example of how two worlds, Christian and Muslim, can accept each other and reconcile. It touches a global issue and is a lesson for the world.



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